The All New Cannibal Surf Shack

Flying at Draycott Sleights

Hello, good evening and welcome to The Cannibal Surf Shack, Mk 4! What?! You never saw Mk 3?? Oh, well, no - no-one ever did except me, IIRC :-)

Well, the new site has been up and running for a while now and it's starting to take shape. At the moment it's very much a collation of stuff that I've previously had scattered all over the place - I don't really have too much time for new articles etc. at the moment.

An example of this is the band section, which mainly contains stuff from my own projects, rather than the info on favourite bands that used to inhabit previous Surf Shacks. Then there's also various paragliding and family photosets, which previously I've just shoved up in directories somewhere and made specific links to. I've been working on the photo viewer to make it easier for a) me to put them up in the first place and b) you to view them without having to click around too much.

Now I'm off to sort out some links to political sites and add some MP3s of Elf 'n Rich...

At this level: